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nick cummins


Join Nick 'Honey Badger' Cummins on his wildest adventure yet. Rogue Gentlemen's Club is Nick's passion project; a movement with a higher purpose, born from necessity. With males committing suicide at a rate 3x higher than females*, we as men must rediscover our identity, passion for life and purpose.

*Lifeline Australia


Team Leaders

BLAIR Frendin


Growing up in a military family, Blair has lived in nearly every state of Australia, allowing him to connect with a range of people from different cultures and backgrounds. Blair’s affinity with the outdoors began early, learning about gathering his own food and living off the land. Blair is an experienced fisherman and passionate home cook, serving up freshly caught seafood to friends and family at any opportunity. With a background in rugby union and personal training, Blair has a keen understanding of the importance that physical activity can have on improving and maintaining good mental health.

team partners

Here at the Rogue Gentlemen's Club, we have partnered with local experts to bring you the best experience. In Far North Queensland we have Aaron Gallagher and Jack Strickland and in the Kimberley, Western Australia, Scotty Connell. These men epitomise what it means to be a Rogue Gent and know exactly how to get off the grid and make life long memories.

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