It’s time to live wild, go deep and jump-start your authentic self!

Our missions include a journey into the off-grid freedom of the Australian bush, beach or mountains.

Available in a number of locations, each trip is a complete escape from the daily grind, a circuit-breaker

for mind, body and spirit to help you rediscover your passion, purpose and confidence.


You’ll remember what it’s like to wriggle your toes in the earth and marvel at starry skies. You’ll feel the primal power and privilege of fishing and hunting for your food. You’ll try new things and learn new skills with the guidance and encouragement of our knowledgeable Mission guides and your fellow Rogue Gentlemen.

You’ll put down your burdens and find your clarity. Get ready to #GoRogue!


Island Mission

3 days / 2 Nights


Farm Mission

3 days / 2 Nights


High Country

The kimberley

Waterholes & Wilderness

10 days / 9 Nights


Create your own tour with us

blue mountains


2 days / 1 Night

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