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Western Australia's Kimberley region is a place of great intrigue and mystery to many people. Wild and untamed with only a small population, it's the ultimate place to peel away from the pack and go rogue in the great outdoors.


To travel the Kimberley is to step back in time. The ancient scenery settles the soul and the lack of phone reception allows for a greater connection with the landscape and its inhabitants. 


On our R.G.C Kimberley adventure we'll join Nick Cummins and local guide, Scotty, on a hike through the countryside of the Eastern Kimberley. We'll shower underneath waterfalls and cast a line in the pristine creeks and streams. We'll cook our feed and tell stories around a campfire, then fall asleep under a blanket of a million stars. 

We'll make lifelong friends and also learn healthy living principles to take home with us, from Nick's unique R.G.C program. Nick will offer diet and exercise tips for optimal physical health. We'll establish healthy habits such as a morning routine - as Nick says, 'Win the morning, win the day!' We'll keep a daily journal, including writing out our future dreams and plans. Moments of quiet meditation will be offset by adventurous challenges such as hiking the unforgiving terrain on a mission to our end-point. Nothing can prepare you for this unique R.G.C adventure which will challenge you, develop you and, at the end, leave you with some new lifelong mates.


Min. 6, Max. 10 Gentlemen

4 Days & 3 Nights

Depart Cairns OR

Fly directly into Dunk Island by plane or chopper.

Dunk Island being sold soon?




A blank, leather journal

Camping gear


Fishing gear

Your guides

R.G.C shirt

Boat rides

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