Here are our answers to the most common queries. If you have other questions, email us


Whose idea is the Rogue Gentlemen’s Club?

It’s the brainchild of former Australian Rugby Union player, now an author and travel TV host Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins and his long-time best mate Blair Frendin (You can find more background on Nick and Blair here). The pair share a deep love of fishing, camping, kayaking and hiking, and are equally passionate about finding a way to helping men lead their best lives. These two threads combine perfectly in RGC.



Is RGC anti-women?

Absolutely not. Nick and Blair and the other blokes on the team love and respect women. RGC Missions aren’t about excluding women; they’re about giving men the opportunity to do something many of us find very difficult: stopping, taking stock, reaching out, and replenishing our spirits.


A lot of blokes are so busy pushing forward they don’t notice how frayed their lives have become until they’re on an accelerating downward spiral. You can’t keep worries and fears bottled up, which is why one in eight men will experience depression at some point and one in five will experience anxiety. It’s also why so many men tragically take their own lives every year. RGC exists because we are determined to change this.


How can RGC make a difference?

We know men find it much easier to share and connect through doing rather than just talking. We also know that nature is a powerful healing tonic. That’s why Rogue Missions feature a heap of shared fun and challenges in the great outdoors. Sitting around a campfire after a day of adventure, achievement and mateship, men find themselves speaking and listening from the heart. Just three or four days away can be a catalyst for profound change.



What should I expect to get out of a Rogue Mission?

A lot of laughs, new friends, new abilities, and a powerful new sense of self. You’ll come back with bushcraft skills you can share, as well as Nick Cummins’ insider knowledge about diet and exercise, giving you the confidence to make the changes you need. And you’ll be a member of the Rogue Gentleman’s Club, part of the family, able to draw on RGC wisdom and support at any time.



Does Nick Cummins go on every Mission?

Either Nick or Blair or both will be on every trip, along with our expert local guides. You can check the listing for your chosen dates to see if Nick will be on that particular trip.

How fit do I have to be?

Our Kimberley Mission involves several days of demanding trekking plus a 250m swim. It requires a fair degree of fitness. However, either of our two Queensland Missions is suitable if you’re not as fit as you’d like to be — and what you learn about good food and exercise while you’re away will inspire you to stay on track when you return home.

I can’t cook. Am I going to go hungry?

Don’t worry if you don’t know your aioli from a hole in the ground when we set out. You’ll come back understanding the easy basics of eating well, with some cool new cooking tricks up your sleeve.


I don’t know how to pitch a tent. Am I going to feel like an idiot?

No way. Some of our Rogue Gentlemen are old hands in the bush but others are newbies, getting their first taste of how good it feels to make a campfire and sleep in a swag. Our expert guides are all about sharing skills that you’ll take home so you can continue adventuring whenever you want.


Is there a luxury upgrade option?

No, our gear is top-class but this is real camping, not “glamping”.


What’s this about writing in a journal each day and can I pass?

No-one’s going to be standing over you making you do anything — it’s not footy training. But even if journal-writing seems weird or wanky or even a bit scary, we hope you’ll give it a go once you hear how much it helped Nick. And you don’t need to worry about what anyone else thinks, this is for you and you alone. A handsome leather-bound journal to keep is part of the gear we provide.


Do we get a beer at the end of the day?

We love beer as much as the next bloke, but on these trips, we leave the booze behind. It might not feel like it when you sink that first coldie, but alcohol is actually a depressant, physically and mentally. We want to give our Rogue Gentlemen the chance to really reconnect with nature, themselves and other men.


Some of the Missions include meeting Indigenous elders. What’s that about?

It’s about respect for this incredible land we share and respect for the knowledge First Nations people have to offer. The stories you’ll hear will give you even more appreciation for these amazing locations.


ARE ALL MEN welcome?

Yes, we welcome men of all races, creeds and backgrounds. Inclusion is part of the Rogue Gentlemen’s Club DNA.


I don’t really have to leave my phone do I? What if I want to take photos?

Rogue Missions are circuit-breakers. They take you away from the demands of everyday life, plant your feet in the earth, turn your eyes to the stars and help you recharge your mind, body and spirit. But you can’t recharge yourself if you’re busy worrying about recharging your phone. Trust us, you need to disconnect to reconnect.


What if there’s an emergency at home?

We will supply you with a contact number family or friends can ring in case of a genuine emergency. Staff will then reach us via satellite phone.


Do you have any age limits?

Boys must be at least 12 to join our Father & Son Mission. For all other Missions, the minimum age is 18. (Men over 65 will need to provide written medical approval. Email us for more information.)


Can you cater for people with disabilities or chronic medical conditions?

Our aim is to be as inclusive as possible. Email us with details on the specifics of your situation and the Mission you are interested in and we’ll advise you further.


Do you accommodate food allergies, sensitivities or preferences?

Where we can we will; it all depends on how much adjustment is required and which Mission you’re interested in. For instance, freshly caught seafood is a big feature of our Queensland Island Mission, so that’s not a great choice if you have a seafood allergy. Email us about your situation and the Mission you’re interested in and we’ll advise you further.


Do I need travel insurance?

Yes! It is best for you to have full cover for unexpected illness, injury or events that might occur that prevent you from going. If you want this cover you need to arrange it separately.