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Fishing, Camping and Exploring


You’ll feel like a new man after 3 days and 2 nights in the Far North Queensland tropical island paradise. Swim under waterfalls and dive in off pristine beaches.


Watch the sun rise over the ocean as you get the blood pumping with Nick Cummins’ ‘win the morning, win the day’ exercises. Breakfast on fragrant fresh fruit and wild coconut and learn how to keep the healthy eating going year round.


Kayak over crystal-clear Great Barrier Reef waters, hear yarns from the locals and hike from a hidden beach to rock art sites. Travel by boat to a sand cay. Use flint to start a fire, then cook the fish and lobster you just caught. Capture your adventures in your daily journal. Meet challenges with your fellow Rogue Gentlemen, connect and share your stories by the campfire. Sleep as you’ve never slept before. 


DAY 1​:

After arriving into Cairns airport*, the journey begins with your fellow Rogue Gents. We drive south to Mission Beach, stopping to swim at beautiful Josephine Falls, then jump aboard a boat and head across to Dunk Island. We set up camp and enjoy a welcome briefing before an afternoon of activities including swimming, a group exercise session, gathering firewood and watching sunset. We break down barriers around the fire tonight, getting to know each other over food, stories and some classics on the guitar.

*Option to fly directly to Dunk Island

DAY 2:

Win the morning, win the day! We’re up with the birds for our morning group exercise session, meditation and beach fishing. We jump onto the kayaks and take to the water to visit a neighbouring island, aiming today to catch our dinner (crayfish, oysters, fish, crabs etc). After lunch, we head to a hidden beach and meet an Aboriginal man for some culture sharing. We visit some caves and then hike to a scenic vantage point before continuing back to camp for a sunset seafood cook-up over the fire. It’s all hands on deck collecting firewood, cleaning seafood, cooking etc. Following dinner we light our tiki torches and walk to the old ‘Artist Colony’ before we share some more yarns around the campfire and then fall asleep under a blanket of a million stars. What a day!

DAY 3​:

After breakfast we head out to the Great Barrier Reef. We enjoy some aquatic activities such as freediving and spearfishing before we eat lunch on a sand cay. This afternoon we enjoy a group exercise session followed by sunset meditation, a seafood cook-up for dinner and then yarns around the campfire. The fire is a safe space to open up and express yourself with your fellow Rogue Gents and we encourage you not to hold back in sharing what’s on your heart. Another night under the stars breathing in the clean, island air.

DAY 4:

We’re up with the birds for our morning group exercise session, meditation and beach fishing. After breakkie we say our goodbyes, though, for sure, we’ll stay in touch with each other online and hopefully on a future Rogue Mission. Departing Dunk Island, we head to the mainland and then drive north via swimming hole before being dropped at the airport.

We return home feeling refreshed and making made some new friends, new healthy routines to continue on with and many great memories!


Min. 6, Max. 10 Gentlemen

4 Days & 3 Nights

Depart Cairns OR

Fly directly into Dunk Island by plane or chopper.


$3000 per person


A blank, leather journal

Camping gear


Fishing gear

Your guides

R.G.C shirt

Boat rides


“I Would be great if we could have a brief text here about the Day as opposed to try and explain what happens morning, afternoon and night.”​


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