What is Rogue Gentlemen's club?

For Nick Cummins and his RGC brother-in-arms Blair Frendin, ‘going rogue’ means shaking off the shackles of busy city life for the cleansing energy of nature. It means fishing in crystal blue waters, hiking up a desert bluff for glorious sunset views, or riding an alpine ridge on horseback. Then sitting around a campfire with old mates and new friends, sharing jokes, worries and wisdom.

Nick and Blair know that these adventures recharge men and give them the space to open up about their fears and vulnerabilities. They know men return home with newfound motivation and confidence, as gentlemen who stand tall, look the world in the eye and make themselves and their families proud.


Our adventures in a choice of locations are a complete escape from the daily grind, a circuit-breaker for mind, body and spirit to help you rediscover your passion, purpose and confidence. You’ll remember what it’s like to wriggle your toes in the earth and marvel at starry skies. You’ll feel the primal power and privilege of fishing and hunting for your food. You’ll try new things and learn new skills with the guidance and encouragement of our knowledgeable Mission guides and your fellow Rogue Gentlemen. You’ll put down your burdens and find your clarity.


Stay connected through our online RGC Community, after all, you’re part of it now, and we’re here for the long haul. If you’ve had a win in life, we want to celebrate with you. If you’re struggling, we want to help. If you need advice, inspiration or motivation, the collective wisdom and life experience of your fellow Rogue Gentlemen’s Club members is on tap 24/7.

There's a reason why every ancient culture had a rite-of-passage ceremony to manhood. As the African proverb says 'if there is no enemy within, no enemy outside can do harm'. Heal the boy and the man will appear. I witnessed the positive effects that even two days going rogue and off-grid with the right people can do for a man. 

Fathers, brothers and sons

It's off with our shoes and socks

Throw our phones in a box

Plant our feet in the dirt and sand

Help our brothers build a sturdy foundation to stand.

Reset - Recharge - Reconnect ... With Rogue Gentlemen's Club!